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Tai Geng
October 20, 2016
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Unbranded is a design exercise focused on the heart of the product rather than the appeal to arbitrary corporate branding. The idea is to create objects of pure aesthetics, functionality, novelty and nothing more. These headphones create a portal between solitariness and public interactions.

The idea started from seeing too many Behance projects with a random Nike swoosh or Tesla T slapped onto the side of a project. The feeling of a cheapened experience made me think about the link between a name and the soul of a project. This lead me to pursue a neutral color pallet to accentuate form rather than utilizing heedless colors and branding to cheaply heighten a product.

Starting from sketching, the whole idea is to simplify the user interaction. The ability to instantly transition from isolated listening to socialization was key. A matte titanium housing / polished metallic white adjuster components along with a soft touch white dial and treated white leather were the most pure materials for Unbranded. All modeling done in Solidworks and rendered in Visualize. Post work done in Photoshop.

This was a short project, well received by the Behance community. I would've liked to spend more time going more into detail and glam shots, but time as the issue. But being a short exploratory project, I am happy with the final result.

I'm always trying to challenge design norms, follow me on Behance if you'd like to stay updated with future projects.

Tai Geng

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