Under the Rain

“Raindrops falling from heaven
Could never wash away my misery,
But since we’re not together
I’ll look for stormy weather
To hide these tears I hope you’ll never see”

Those who walk between the raindrops hardly ever notice that the sky has something to say. Catching young and old people going about their business while being rained on has always seemed to be a sad yet poignant dance. Many photographers find an easy comfort zone in capturing the joy that is a sun splashed scene. My interests lie elsewhere. I want through my photos to eavesdrop on that whispered exchange between rain and those who refuse to listen. I see what they do not hear!

My inspiration works together with my two others passions (Music and Poetry). Sometimes I take the whole poem I like in the moment or I listen some song that reminds me of some stages of my life. Also tells me stories of others I know. The concept or part of the body work comes from a curiosity as well as a taste for nostalgia.

When I am doing some Urban explorations by walking or public transport, I love capture Blur motion and give that feeling in the observer. I used my Sony Alpha-230 and my Lumix- Panasonic DMC-G5X and I do my post-production in Photoshop CC 2015

People have responded favorably to the project. I have received good reviews and decent feedback. People are able to perceive what I tried to capture. The movement of the scene as well as various sensations generated by the rain. Photographers often prefer to avoid the chaos that comes with rain in an urban setting. Many of those who took the time to review my project noted as I do the humbling effects of rain on the human condition. I believe that they appreciated the wonderful and interesting scenes captured. Only a Monochromatic tone could convey the depth of emotion and even drama effectively.

Aida Liz Casallas

Aida Liz Casallas is a Colombian photographer Based in Bogotá.
She has had a personal evolution over the last 5 years when her passion began. She has travelled and been inspired by the works of other photographers (professionals and amateurs); light, shadows, body movement, blur and selective spotlights the issues that she has felt attracted.
The sky is not the limit because the world of photography is now expecting her next move!!