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Underground Festival de Musica Subterranea Sistema by Nico Zubia

Underground Festival de Musica Subterranea Sistema by Nico Zubia

Marianne Piano
March 5, 2016

Underground Festival de Musica Subterranea Sistema is a part of the University project that our featured artist worked on. It was made to give acknowledgement to musicians who performs in Buenos Aires Underground by making a graphic pieces of a festival. Promoting music and art to where he lives gave our featured artist the inspiration to make this artwork. Let’s check out this amazing art set!

This is a project that began as part of a University project. The project consist in making all the graphic pieces of a festival. You can choose the subject of the festival. With this premise, I tried to work for the people who play in Buenos Aires Underground (AKA Subtes de Buenos Aires). If you think it, there are a lot of this musicians and they don't have a festival. Maybe because the low income they can generate doing this activity, but they are really important and creative people.

- Nico Zubia

these are the poster and the flyers about the seminary of the festival

these are the poster and the flyers about the workshops of the festival

I've been working for this project about last six/seven months. It took a big part of my 2015. =)

- Nico Zubia

this are poster and postcards about the expositions in the festival

this is a poster for the underground level

I was thinking about generating a project for the people who spend all day playing music in the Underground of Buenos, where i'm living by now.
They are a big part of our music culture, and sometimes we take them for granted. If you think it well, they can change your mood. When you are sad, they can with some little songs make your day, or touch you inside.

- Nico Zubia

this is a tripfold thats complemate the exposition level

this is the brouchure of the festival that show the institutional face and the lne up

When I first start a project, i think it very well, i try to make draws of the ideas, concepts and try to put it together before working on the computer.
Specially with this project that has the imprint of the underground, being in some way fast and low budget because is generate by this low income artists, etc.

After this i used Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign for generate this pieces.

- Nico Zubia

this is the main line up of the festival that reminds to the old massimo vignelli posters

I think that artists have to forget the standards of the graphic industry, and be more passionate and more intuitive.
Working thinking in a social Cause is good too. Be part of something. Think each design like a beautifull process without being thinking in the final result.
If you ask me, design is a journey of discovery.

- Nico Zubia


Nico Zubia is a Graphic Designer and Art Director, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He loves reading, learning other languages, travels and meeting people in the more unusual ways.

See more of his artworks on Behance and follow him on Twitter.

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