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Underwater Photography by Jorge Cervera Hauser

Underwater Photography by Jorge Cervera Hauser

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June 16, 2015

Some of the most amazing creatures on Earth lives from the depth of the vast blue ocean. Photographer and executive producer of Calypso Media - Jorge Cervera Hauser takes us what lies below the surface with his amazing underwater photos.

What are some of your preparations for underwater photography?

It depends on the kind of trip really, but when it’s an open ocean exploratory trip you always have to check the weather, especially the wind. For me it’s very important to be in touch with local fishermen so I know what’s going on, what species are they seeing and how much activity. I always oil the housing's o-rings and be sure to have the right equipment and gear depending on the trips conditions.
-Jorge Hauser



Being surrounded by great whites in Guadalupe for five days without using a cage, and being able to photograph the American crocodile underwater are definitely on the top of the list.

-Jorge Hauser




Just being out in the open ocean in the middle of nowhere is both incredible and overwhelming, feeling so tiny in the middle of the vast blue immensity is a fantastic reality check. When you’re underwater, holding your breath some 30ft below the surface, interacting with a wild animal is a sense of peace and belonging very hard to describe… especially being out of your element.

-Jorge Hauser
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Never let an opportunity pass, be out there as much as you can, and be really stubborn. It’s easy to justify not doing something because “it’s not safe”, “the odds are too small”, “what if I don’t get anything out of it?”, “I have a lot of work to do”, “I’m too tired”, or whatever reason you may think of. A lot of times we don’t do stuff because of the “what ifs”, but when the what ifs actually happen I have learned that they are never as bad as you thought and you always find a way to get past them, even in the most adverse situations.

Get used to not succeeding, especially when working with nature. It is so unpredictable that most of the times you will come back empty handed, but that one time you get what you were looking for, it’s gonna be worth everything.

Another big piece of advice is to create your own opportunities. Obviously it’s 100 times harder… but if you sit around waiting for an assignment or put all your effort in sending your cv or portfolio to NatGeo chances are it’s not going to happen.

-Jorge Hauser



Jorge Hauser is an Executive producer at Calypso Media, co-director at Pelagic Life, and producer of the documentary feature “México Pelágico” about the Mexican open ocean. Ambassador for Discovery Channel in Latin America, and speaker at TEDx San Miguel de Allende in 2014. You can see more of his work at Behance or his website.



10 comments on “Underwater Photography by Jorge Cervera Hauser”

  1. Awesome shots!!! These photographs are absolutely beautiful.
    I love the one with the dolphin, turning the perspective upside down.

  2. These photographs are absolutely beautiful. I love the last image with the shoal of fish, it's stunning. And the turtle is incredible - it looks almost menacing. Usually turtles are thought of as peaceful but I like this alternative view. Likewise, you've made the shark look sweet and friendly!

  3. His shots blew my mind. Very beautiful photos, it's almost like you're really underwater with
    these amazing creatures. I hope to see more of his work!

  4. Hey I'm an underwater photographer to. I admit, I've lost a few arms and legs when I was photographing white sharks... but hey, I can still hold the camera in my mouth! (swimming is another thing...)
    But the foto's look really cool man. I have this weird tick that when I see a turtle photo I always imagine the words
    "come at me bro, I'll turtleslap the crap out of you" with it.

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