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Suo Ahn
January 19, 2023
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This painting was painted under the theme of 'Universe' to participate in the Clip Studio contest in 2020. I drew the universe surrounding the planet, and another universe outside to express the endless universe.

The idea of this painting came from the idea of expressing the universe viewed from the planet, not from the perspective of the universe.
From the universe's perspective, the planet looks like floating in the vast universe, but inside the planet, I thought the universe might seem to surround planet.
So I made the universe into a character and drew a picture of hugging a planet tightly. The appearance of the planet is different from the Earth we know because I wanted to express it as if the "sky" is wrapping up the planet.
In addition to the main character of the painting, there are many small parts drawn, so it would be good to look for such things and look at the painting.

After sketching on paper, all subsequent work was done in procreate. While working, an illustration club member suggested expressing the universe character like slime by referring to the deer god in Princess Mononoke of Studio Ghibli. I was able to complete a more shiny painting by referring to it.

Usually, I did not use various effects other than filling in the color when coloring. However, I was able to practice expressing many textures while painting this, and I realized that such expressions could make the painting richer.

Thank you for looking at my painting and reading this. You can check more of my artwork at

Suo Ahn

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