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Uno Momento Cafe Website

Uno Momento Cafe Website

Julia Bondarenko
June 25, 2017
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This is the approved design of a real cafe situated in Odessa, site is under construction now. Website consists of 2 pages: main landing page with all necessary information and menu. Also a popup to approve your order. Hope you'll like it.

I have chosen color palette of logo in web design. Style should be modern and very simple for understanding and making orders. I decided to make it as simple as possible to view necessary information and make order just in 2 taps. Just 3 simple pages.

I used only Adobe Photoshop. First I created a grid, then chosed sizes and color palette. Then I decided what are the most important parts and selected pictures for the main banner. I also analyzed other websites of cafe in the internet and elected those things which I like in them the most. And combined everything in my design.

The owner of the company approved it from the first sign even he didn't give me brief. Developers liked it as well. From this project I learn how to make a lot of function as simple as possible. Also it is a first work connected with food and restaurants. So it looks bright and tasty:)

Julia Bondarenko

I can make a design of app and web interface. Visit my blog with articles in design
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