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Xiaoru Chen
July 24, 2018
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This is a lamp with a reflection board that can be turned up and down to change the light direction for different usage. The pyramid foot stand is designed without screw or extra weight. It's a student design project from Lund University.

It was inspired by the way we turn up/down hats. Users can turn up/down the reflection board to get more light down/up. The idea is to keep the lamp simple to match different indoor environments and make it easy for real production.

I had the idea and did a quick mockup with a cardboard and a phone flashlight. The result turned out promising. Then it's a process of developing the shape and all details. Sketching, modeling, rendering, machine processing, spray painting, photo shooting.

I had an exhibition together with my classmates in Milan. Most people liked the appearance of the lamp and the shade of the light. I tried to keep it simple, but in some way it stands out a lot with its simplicity.

Xiaoru Chen

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