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Urban.Bistrot Website

Urban.Bistrot Website

Lorenzo Perniciaro
July 27, 2017
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Urban.Bistrot is a minimal template for a restaurant that wants to exponentially increase its business in a completely new way, overlooking a new trend style.

Urban.Bistrot, for now, is a concept that will soon be part of a UI kit that aims to help small or large companies grow their business, I'm working on this series "Urban.Brand" that will have web and mobile layout ready to be used.

I've always been a lover of minimal style, the way white color leaves space for images and content is just fantastic. Not everyone knows how to work on this style, there is needs of a lot of creativity, but above all a style and layout cleanup.
The minimal style is perfect when you create landing pages or websites for restaurant/bar, ecommerce, and sellers.

For every project, app and website i use Sketch. Sketch is the perfect tool to create fantastic digital products (actually i use this even for social posts and icon!), it's easy, fast, friendly user and you can easily share it with developers. Maybe you are asking where i should star? Usually, before the interface, i just create some wireframe on paper to know where objects will be etc...(i'm a paper lover, every designer should use paper and pencil for the wireframing!). After that i open Sketch, where the magic begins, and I start with some Symbols and Color/Text styles. The best advice i can give to someone that want start build digital products on sketch is "The better the symbols and styles are made and the easier it will be to work". Now just follow wireframes, fill them with the symbols you made, leave a lot of white and choose cool photos and it's done.

People, friends, team mates, client etc... always love my works, yes of course sometimes they have feedback and this is the best things a designer could get, because feedbacks always help you to grow and learn. Every project is a challenge and every pixel you create is a brick to build what you are (like a lego! at the start is nothing but in the end could be a masterpiece!)

What more? Enjoy your job, that is great if you are a creative, and create things everyday even if for fun and not for some clients etc, just create because you will grow every day like i'm doing.

Lorenzo Perniciaro

I’m 23 yo graphic designer with a great professionalism and experience, focused in UI / UX mobile and web design, branding, illustration and social media graphics.

Few years ago i became Art Director & Co-Founder of Gideon Smart Home, a successful smart home startup in London UK, where i take care of all the Android assets, web design, icons and social marketing.

I’m always looking for new opportunities to grow and help companies or individuals client to turn their simple ideas into a stunning reality. I’m the perfect team player both in small and large teams, solving UI/UX problems explaining my ideas and solutions.

My work tools are primary : Working Sketchbook, Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Marvel, Principle and AfterEffect.

I worked in London for a year and still working remotely for clients around the world, now i’m based in Rome (Italy) and seeking for freelance projects to leave my graphic sign in the world.

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