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Hermes Mazali
December 28, 2016
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Being able to hear well is an important part of a good quality of life, uSound will enhance the way you hear, allowing you to connect with your loved ones, engage in your favorite classes at school, listen to your favorite music and TV Shows, or simply chat and joke with your friends. We are all entitled to these moments. Let us help you. Let’s work together to eliminate the obstacle which hearing loss represents in your social integration.

uSound is an app that allows you to boost your hearing. It is specially designed for people with hearing loss. I have developed with Luis Fasah the brand concept and the visual strategy, from its identity to the user experience. I work on based users experiences and preferences.

At first, I started working on the concept. Then deal with the style you wanted on paper and pencil, in different drafts. When I finished the idea, I could do in Illustrator the logo I wanted to do. After months of work and several results, I came to a graphic conclusion of which I am very accomplished with the final work.

What I learned from the project is to clearly hear what the client wanted. I was able to question him with a series of questions designed for my work. I think it is necessary to be able to implement this kind of processes before doing a branding job.

Hermes Mazali

I´m a multidisciplinary designer passionate about art, cinema, and craft. For over 8 years I’ve worked on lots of projects that reflect my creativity, attention to detail, and appeal for good design.
I always try to generate something different and changing environment of design and illustration. This has enabled me to build an eclectic body of work.

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