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UTOPIA " sculptural furniture "

Soha mekaid
February 24, 2019

The design is a sculptural piece of furniture depend on a basic block through which an infinite number of formations are created by combining more than a different block in directions and angles.
The design relies on the participation and interaction between the user and the cluster and its translation from his point of view. For the user, the cluster is an exploratory journey that hides its utilitarian function .

Design concept " Think and sit down "
- Give the user the freedom to explore the design and translate it from his point of view away from direct functional thinking.
- Design has the ability to adapt and change its shape and function according to space requirements
"small spaces".

After concept design I have done many sketches of the design to imagine the cluster of several directions and to test their capabilities to adapt to the various changes that may occur
thenThe design was converted from 2D to 3D using computer software
tools used:
Autodesk 3ds Max
Adobe photoshop

Combining shape and function to create an innovative design case
Demonstrate the ability of the design to create infinite images through a single piece of design compatible with small spaces
The ability of interior design to create supernatural worlds by forming blocks that have the ability to break the barriers of silence in space

exploring the design and translating its function from the user's point of view

soha mekaid

ِAn Interior Architect , furniture designer, master's degree in interior architecture, Believing that the interior design is an exploratory journey through which infinite worlds are created. The user is the explorer and he has the freedom to translate the space function from his point of view

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