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V for Vendetta | Inspiration

V for Vendetta | Inspiration

Bhargav Mishra
June 8, 2021

The photoshoot takes its inspiration from the 2006 movie "V for Vendetta". I take the help of geometric lines in an apartment complex to convey my messages through these frames.

The idea draws its inspiration from the 2006 movie "V for Vendetta". I wanted to convey a thousand faces through one face hence I used the Guy Fawkes mask to draw a common picture. I try to create frames that are as uplifting and questioning in nature as the movie was portrayed.

I used a Nikon D750 and Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop for the usual edits.

I learnt a lot about how patterns can be conveyed in an interesting way.

Bhargav Mishra

With over 10 years of being in content creation, the intention has always centered around exploring manifestations of creativity. Learning how the many forms of art can be best combined with the most suitable technical tools to enhance overall visual appeal, has been the biggest takeaway from every project.

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