V House

I wanted to try a morning mood scene and at the same time improve my skills so I have created the V House. This is one of my personal and pretty recent projects, based on an old concept made by my friend Valentin Turuianu.

The house was initially planned in an urban context, not fitting very well in my vision, so I placed it in a more natural environment, in order to enhance the architecture of the project. I wanted to have clean lines, so I added small details to slabs and walls and a big console. Rather than blending with the surroundings, where there weren’t glazed areas I used natural white stone, in order to get the contrast I needed.

In terms of tools, I used Archicad, 3dsMax and Corona render. I prefer Corona because it’s very responsive and it lets you focus on the design, lightning and materials, rather than be a technician and have to tweak parameters all day. The base model (the concept) was made in Archicad and details were added in 3dsMax, such as windows, doors and all the furniture. Terrain was made using a great plugin for 3dsMax called Populate Terrain to divide the surface and then a Noise modifier to create some bumps was added.

The foliage was made using Corona scatter tool – it’s a basic tool, but very efficient, and it was perfect for this project, as I was focusing on the mood rather than photorealism. I added some Global Volume Material (fog) in order to give the morning mood I was seeking.

Feedback was constructive, yet positive, and the project was appreciated from both technical and design perspectives. There is always room for improvement and I am constantly seeking that, but I think that the main purpose of this project was achieved.

Stefan Mantu

CG Artist with background in architecture and passion for visualisation and design.