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VAAM Furniture Design

VAAM Furniture Design

Jose Amaya
February 1, 2018
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This project contains some furniture that was designed for specific clients, who needed some detailed specifications and design guidance. Here in Colombia we are fortunate of having artisan hands, carpenters, painters, and iron workers who make possible using bare and rough materials to accomplish incredible results.
Our furniture is the result of studying what the client needs, designing with high precision, and building the furniture with the highest quality available in town.

We have always wanted to open a furniture design and production shop, we are architects who understand people’s goals and needs so we try to combine space transformation with new elements like furniture in this case to give them a whole new living experience.
The materials we try to use are bare woods like Sapan, Oak Roble, and Pine, as well as OSB and MDF. Our carpenters are people who pay attention to every single detail, and this makes possible using these bare woods and obtain beautiful results.

Our design process begins with measuring the space, making a preliminary design, meeting with the client, and after we get an approval, some changes are made if necessary so we can show them some digital images of how the space will look after the transformation. The digital tools we use are Rhinoceros for 3D modeling, V-ray for rendering, and Adobe Photoshop for image post-production.
When we start the production process, we always create highly detailed blueprints but these are also very easy to understand, this guarantees that our artisans have a full comprehension of every detail, measure, material specification, etc. This is the only way we can assure that the final result is what we expected, or even more.

Our clients were worried when we told them that this furniture was going to be made with natural wood, people often use to think that it isn’t affordable or environmentally friendly, but it happens to be all the way around… the only difference is that the results are even better than using processed materials.

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