Vacuum Drill Design

The drill and cleaner were connected, and designed to suck in dust from the front of the drill. Also, the battery supplying electricity to the drill was positioned toward the cleaner, and designed so that the drill can be used with light touch.

I have the ability to grasp ideas from different perspectives and the ability to clearly understand the structure of a product, that are superior to others. I created my own idea-generating techniques, and now I have collected a lot of ideas to write idea notes. Among them, the “Deep in-out-arrange” technique is my idea-generating techniques that I use most often. The technique comprises: seeing deeply through one problem; after getting out from it, organizing the ideas; and seeing through the problem again, in new directions.

I use a UG NX 3D modeling program and when I render my design using Keyshot. I consider experience to be most important in designing, so after my military service, I traveled to the UK, Canada, and the US for 11 months and learned the languages and cultures to experience a wider world. I learned how to live in the midst of racial diversity and foreign culture that I did not know about in Korea. Experiencing and learning new things, my perspectives changed, and I became capable of making designs that are not centered on one particular culture but designs that are understanding of each different culture. One of them is the CCTV design in my portfolio. The design was made after seeing and feeling while in Germany and Canada, problems that are not easily found in Korea.

Actually I haven’t shown my project to my friend and Professors so I can’t respond to my project from my people but I am not hide my project just I hadn’t had a chance to show my new drill design to my people..!

Hoseong Yu