Various Line Illustrations

A few illustrations I made. I experimented with details and lines. I used lines as a way of adding shading to the illustrations. I usually added shadows using flat colors, but this time I only used lines for shading. And I’m always experimenting with details.

I was looking at old renaissance era drawings and woodcut illustrations, and I thought I could do something similar but more modern. And so I added hatching lines to my illustrations. I noticed that I could add depth with lines and that my illustrations could appear more detailed and interesting by using lines.

I used adobe illustrator for these illustrations. I started with the basic outline of the figures, and gradually added details. Most of the time was spent refining the shapes of the characters and trying to capture their unique characteristics.

People liked the illustrations, and thought they look different. I learned that I can use fine lines to add depth to digital illustrations and it’s just as effective as when done using traditional mediums. And I’m slowly developing a unique style.

I hope you enjoy my illustrations.

James Hernandez

I started out as an artist and slowly transitioned into design. I still create artwork, but now I tend to focus more on illustrations and logo design. I work with both minimalist styles and more complex works.