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Vector Street

Vector Street

Yaroslav Sidorov
November 30, 2017

Vector Street is my personal project showing a busy city street with different storefronts, townhouses, vehicles, and people.  I decided to create this editable illustration in order to be able to add it to a website header for a business that has a storefront in a city.

The idea came to me, while I was working on a website design for local metal fabrication company. Like many web designers before me I was thinking about adding a storefront image to the header and because I always prefer to work with vectors rather than pictures I thought wouldn’t be better for editing and even animating if it were a vector. I wanted the illustration to be simple and mostly serve as background for a text and call to action button. That's why I chose to use simple geometric shapes without adding too many details. For the colors, I chose to use shades of blue because It's easy to rich a contrast with a text in a front of the illustration.

For this project, I used the tools I usually work with, such as pencil, sketchbook and Adobe Illustrator. As any of my projects at the beginning, I make a quick rough sketch on paper starting from background to foreground. I used New York City streets as a reference. When the sketch is done I take a picture of it in order to be able to place it in Adobe Illustrator as a reference. In Adobe Illustrator, I use simple shapes and pen tool to recreate the illustration.

I have worked on this illustration every day adding the elements to the scene one by one. The whole project spanned a little over a week, relatively fast to my other projects I worked on because I had a clear idea what I wanted to create. I learned more about flat design, use of shadows and "Recolor Artwork" tool in Adobe Illustrator. I definitely had fun working on this project. I hope you like it. I would really appreciate every positive comment for this project. 

If you like my work please support me on Behance, you can find me by "Yaroslav Sidorov".

Yaroslav Sidorov

I’m a freelance graphic designer based in New Jersey with 2 years of experience. I specialize in creating simple illustrations and icons. Before I fully embraced my passion to design I worked 2 years as a front-end web developer. Yup, I love the web and I'm planning on using its full potential to solve business challenges.

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