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VEGAS Virtual Interface by Stas Smirnov

VEGAS Virtual Interface by Stas Smirnov

Marianne Piano
April 1, 2016
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VEGAS Virtual Interface is a personal project of our featured artist. A futuristic sci-fi user interface for a fictional power plant generator. Read on and see how our artist completed the artwork from start to finish. Enjoy!

It's my personal not commercial project. This is a fictional user interface, that controls a fantasy big power plant generator at some of fantasy planet.

- Stas Smirnov



Interface designed to be operated by a small personnel team. I decided, that the main part of generator will be deep inside planet and all the control will be operated from surface. This is my third speed-painting work. First, I found an idea. The idea is - try to make a big amount of well detailed elements, with sci-fi style, and try to deal with small amount of colours. Try to make it really fast, without loosing a quality. Next - I create a main style of graphic elements, and try to draw as many as possible for a short, limited time. I try to make interesting and comprehended every element (piece) of drawing as well.

- Stas Smirnov



When I start to draw new work, I set a goal. The goal is - to learn to create as much as possible graphic elements, and make the work looks "lightweight", looks not visually overloaded, and save the composition as well. I fundamentally don't use any pre-created, or stock graphic element. I created all of this stuff (pieces) while drawing. This time, I decided to use a 3D objects. I tried to mix a 3D object with 2D elements. It took more time than I expected, but I was very happy with result.

- Stas Smirnov



The idea to create this kind of art was came to me not long ago. I was working on ui/ux very much, and usually the main tasks was - to make something that have had a specific style, and had created in strict limits. When I drawing things like this (Vegas) for myself, I don't have a limits, - style restrictions or technical requirements.

- Stas Smirnov



I decide it by myself. I don't need to spend the time for technical details as well. I can focus on composition and tasty unusual graphic elements. It helps to coach imagination, composition sense, and break all of borders. Main thing that you need to remember - draw or paint a lot. One day you'll find that all of barriers disappeared.

- Stas Smirnov


Stas Smirnov works as a Senior Graphic Designer in Moscow based design studio. He has over 10 years of experience in UI/UX, motion design and 3D art and a couple of contests awards for my not commercial projects.

See more of his artwork on Behance.

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