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Vehicle for courier delivery " Kursus"

Uliya Ostapova
October 19, 2018
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The main purpose of the designed vehicle is the delivery of digital electronics from an online store.It can also be used as an individual urban means of transportation; means of rental (sanatoriums, recreation centers, parks); means for special services. The project uses a transformation that allows you to combine two modifications of the car in one (to expand the field of operation). Power, quality, maneuverability, comfort expand the scope of the tricycle. Application of innovations of modern technological developments, materials and ergonomics is of interest and relevance. "Cursus" is a car-motorcycle hybrid. Steering-reel. Brakes-double-circuit rear disc parallel connection, hydraulic motor-wheel. Electric motor 2x11 kW. Power supply-lithium battery 2x95 V. power Reserve for 8-10 hours.Developed speed up to 80 km/h.

Today it is difficult to imagine life without courier services. The age of information technology involves the active use of online stores and means of delivery.The presence of a huge number of cars - traffic jams and the problem of large cities. A typical delivery employee is on foot or with a backpack...on rollers. Or it's a courier on a Bicycle with a pile of documents on the trunk. Logically combining "backpack + rollers", "scooter+helmet+trunk" - the best option for a light closed vehicle "auto-Moto hybrid". For prototip taken tricycle "Clever", Germany 2005 (compact two-seater eco-friendly car that combines passive safety of a car with the agility of a motorcycle.

Architectural forms, biological forms (bionics), sports dynamics were used to find the image of the concept.Conceptual solutions were offered in the form of hand sketches-sketches (pencil, gel pen, markers, pastel, gouache) - in mixed media. Further study was carried out in programs CoralDraw, 3DsMax, Adobe Photoshop.

This work is my diploma project. (Tula state University, faculty of Humanities, specialty Industrial design) Evaluated as "Excellent" University graduated with honors. Special thanks go to Gavrilin Kirill Vasilyevich (project Manager); Kosheleva Alla Alexandrovna ( consultant of ergonomics); Ogarkov Alexander Viktorovich (consultant of construction); teaching staff of the Department "Design" of Tula state University. The results of this work were solved the tasks: the creation of a personal electric car; maneuverability; ease of use; versatility of the transformable structure; the use of materials, providing easy clean-up; provision of vehicle lighting for public roads.

Uliya Ostapova

I live and work in Russia. I work in the creative direction for more than 16 years: started from freelance development while studying at Tula State University (computer graphics, oil painting, industrial modeling of objects); worked as a designer-printer; designer-coder in the company "Unimilk"; animated design and visualization of 3d models of display equipment in the company "RTC" (MTS); a separate stage of my work was the development of the design concept and layout of advertising and entertainment magazine ("BROADWAY") in the city of Tula; worked for several years in the field web design; and also participated in the design of exhibitions and exhibitions of the Tula regional Exotarium.
My hobby is oil painting (I've been writing since childhood): plein-air works, sketches, sketches, the genre of animalism has become very interesting for me.
I devote a lot of time to the direction of photography: it is Free, where there are no harsh staged pictures :) and travel.

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