Vehicle & SciFi Illustration by Liam Keating

Vehicle & SciFi Illustration project was once a hobby turned into a collection of projects from clients around the world. Our artist Liam Keating is fascinated with vehicles and Science Fiction and has created a portfolio of amazing arts. Check it out!

This Project consists of many commissioned illustrations for a variety of clients mixed in with a few pieces I have made for myself just for fun – those are usually the best ones. Initially my SciFi illustration was a hobby but in recent years has led to a stable selection of freelance clients around the world. Although I love all of Science Fiction I have always been drawn to vehicles especially.

– Liam Keating




Each piece is different depending on the brief from the client. Most pieces are completed over the period of two to three weeks (evenings and weekends as I have another day job). For my personal projects it can be many months, I may think of it as complete only to go back to add more or change. The projects that follow this course usually end up turning out the best.

– Liam Keating



I have always been fascinated by science fiction from a very young age. I was introduced to hard science fiction before I was 10 years old from the likes of Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke and Larry Niven. Although at that age a lot of the plot and symbolism was lost on me I was fascinated by the descriptions of vehicles and machinery. As I grew older I would use my illustration skills to realize these ideas and concepts in 3D. When I was introduced to 3D digital design while at college I would mix this new medium in with the more traditional 2D skills. Mixing 2D and 3D has then always been the style I have stuck with perfecting it over the last 9 years.

– Liam Keating



Once I have a subject matter or object roughly sketched out I will create a very basic 3D model in ‘Google Sketchup’. This allows me to find the right perspective and how the lights and shadows will fall. With the basic model setup I will get to work on adding detail. I generally export the model as an image and continue with the fine dealing, coloring and shadows in Photoshop using a graphics tablet.

– Liam Keating


Liam Keating is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator who currently lives and works in London, UK. During his day job, he is the Program Manager at Conde Nast Publications Ltd. His job and that of his team is to manage the company’s digital editions for brands such as Vogue, GQ, WIRED and Vanity Fair. When not working in publishing, he loves to illustrate, especially science fiction. He continues to work for a number of clients worldwide on both bespoke commissioned pieces and regular freelance illustration.

See more of his artworks in Behance and his website.