Vellaro – Light Modular lamp

The construction of the Vellaro lamp is based on a massive shape, which by rounding it becomes lightweight. With a carefully designed shape and details of the object, which looks very dynamic from a distance. Tiny and hidden inside the column mechanism allows for flexible adjustment of the direction of the luminous flux for maximum comfort. Rotation of the high torque gear around the handle shortens the steel cord along lamp’s support arm. Durable and lightweight composite frame holds and sets the lampshade by a specified angle.

The project Vellaro improves the quality of the lighting industry. My inspiration was contemporary Architecture and moving in space. Materials used in the project are: steel and composites. The colors I chose are anthracite with matt and glow finish, because it fits perfectly with executive materials.

I started by doing the market analysis of existing solutions. Then I started creating sketches on my sketchbook, next i was creating 3d model in solidworks software and make rendering in keyshot. The last step was to create a animation in adobe after effects and adobe premiere pro.

I have heard that he will look good in large speaces, so Idelans would fit into hotels or lofts. The solution increases the comfort of working and living in space. Vellaro modular system is a beautiful complement to interiors, traditional and contemporary architecture and industrial environment.

Kamil Kowalczyk
25 YO Product design student from Silesia, Poland.