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Vensepto Concept by Steel Drake

Vensepto Concept by Steel Drake

Honey Adraque
October 9, 2015
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Vensepto Concept is named such because this is the seventh concept of Steel Drake, his planet is Veneus and number seven in Latin language sounds like "Septimo" so Venus combined with Septimo resulted to Vensepto.

I just wanted create my own concept, with my own vision, it was most long work in my practice, it took about 7 months. Some sketches on Behance platform, and of course some lines of Lambo, but Lambo for me has too sharp lines, I wanted to make more soft lines in my car.

- Steel Drake





I got the ideas in my head, you know, not more people knows about head, it's a such interesting place with interesting ideas. I have had challenges such as I changed back side 4 times, and front side 2 times, it's always hard to chose right decision, it twice hard when you Libra.

- Steel Drake





I made a lot of revisions, my principles in work sounds like, the most good design born in 3D, not in sketches, a lot of auto companies shows their best sketches before they presents their new auto, but it happens so often, when you see the finished product, you see how it different from sketches and looks awful, and here works my expression - design born in 3D.

- Steel Drake





About Steel Drake

Steel Drake is a dreamer and he always want to add something new in life. He specializes in design, music, marketing, etc. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile.

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