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Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries

Angela Moreno
April 19, 2019
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Concept & character illustration in reference to astrology themes
Venus (female archetype in astrology) in Aries (astrological sign of fire, cardinal and masculine polarities)
Interpreted as a young warrior/hunter girl in a hot pink background with some green details.
Also, Aries is the opposing sign of Libra, which is the sign of balance, grace and civility
Libra is more of a green hue with hot pink details, so the opposite concept piece will be an inversion of this one.

I wanted to create a character that embodies my idea of the archetype of Venus in the astrological signs. Venus represents the female psyche in astrology (the female self, the idea of "woman") and this idea of woman is different as it travels through each sign. In Aries, the female archetype is a strong, fierce leader, young and naive, highly spirited and impatient. She is a warrior/hunter, with a masculine disposition. However, Aries girl isn't a full-woman yet, she's more a spitfire girl, but she is more a young girl at heart, so pink denotes that innocence that is still in her. In other signs, the idea of woman is more grown up, and maybe in those a full red may be more adequate, but in Aries, she is strong yet innocent, so I used hot pink because of this.

The green details is because there is a coolness to an Aries girl as well, it's not just wildfire. She can be quite cold if upset, and green also denotes calmness and intelligence, which is also part of Venus archetype in Aries.

I made a pencil sketch first, then scanned it and sent it to Procreate in my iPad Pro. There, I made digital line-work and started with the digital painting process. After the painting stage is done, I send it to Photoshop on my laptop to do some minimal final editing, and then upload for posting online to my sites and social media.

I have not heard much feedback about it, but some people liked in on social media.
I'd like to hear from people who know about / like astrology to see what they think of the interpretation.

I was trying some new digital painting techniques from the digital artist Loish, to learn more about digital painting, and this process taught me a lot about her techniques. I may not keep all of them, but I learned some that I want to keep for my future pieces.

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Angela Moreno

Hi, my name is Angela and I am an Illustrator and Concept Artist originally from Venezuela. I am also a specialist (Ph.D) in Japanese comics and animation.

I have been working as a freelance illustrator and concept artist since 2005. I have also worked as a graphic, web, product designer and storyboarder for several companies.

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