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Jefferson PAGANEL
May 29, 2019
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Les Vergers Saint-Eustache is a high premium fruits & vegetables delivery company.
Based in Rungis – France, they deal with the biggest chefs in Paris, France & the world.
Through an extremely careful selection of producers mostly in France.
And over the world for a small range of exotic products.
They are a well-know firm and they needed a good re-brand of the company.

Previously, the branding was really old fashioned... so we needed to start something new, elegant & premium,
the Louis Vuitton of fruits and vegetables ! For the logo, we choose to create a mix between a contemporary stencil font and
a lineal classy font, designed to evoke the shape of a fruit basket. On a dark green color and a fruits/vegetables pattern tone on tone.
Stationary & catalogue has been printed on a special paper from GFSMITH to evoke the grain of the citrus skin.

First of all, I worked with some small sketches on paper, then quite quickly I try some things on illustrator which is the best software
to work with typography and colors. Vectors are really easier to work than pixels, because you can adjust the size of elements easily.

Feedbacks of many people are really good so I'm happy about that !
The client is also very happy and the business goes bigger and bigger,
we are still working on some new applications for this brand and it's a pleasure.

I learned a lot of things about fruits and vegetables, the sourcing all over France,
how the farmers work and I'm even more amazed by the power of nature.
You can visit the website we designed to learn more :

Go green !

Jefferson PAGANEL

Creative thinker & graphic designer based in Paris, France.

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