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Vikings Gaming

Vikings Gaming

Lia Tanasa
February 7, 2018

Vikings Gaming is a fictional E-sports team which intends to win every battle in the Gaming Community. The logo is meant to be to the point and clean but at the same time aggressive, competitive and bold. The overall look I intended it to keep it simple but also cool looking

I always wanted to do a Viking design/mascot but also wanted to be different from the other designs seen on the internet. I wanted to implement the futures of a skull combine with portions of a mask/helmet (for the mouth). My work mostly is in the E-Sports community so aggressiveness and bold lines is a MUST, as it gives the design contrast and power . In terms of colours I never choose my colours when I sketch but I keep in mind and idea of how I want the design to look and feel. In this case picking the right colours was a struggle , haha, I saying that because the colours I already had in mind didn't work exactly how I envisioned, so I had to change the feel of it by taking the greys out and bring golds and greens in.

My software of choice has been and always will be Adobe Illustrator, when it comes to design, as it is the most reliable tool and a MUST for vector graphics. Working in vectors allows you to scale the design by maintaining the same quality. I really , really advise everybody out there to use it when it comes to vectoring , Photoshop it's a great tool as well but for pixels. I use it to give my logos that ''extra flavour'', and present the finalised project on social medias. So yeah, illustrator for vectors , Photoshop for pixels.

I can only hope that people enjoy it, as a designer I'm willing to grow and take as much information and feedback as a can to do my best and create. If I learned anything is that I have to try the colours before I start vectoring anything, haha. It takes so much time to find the right colours afterwards.

I would love to hear your feedback on this project. Also a note to you , this design is available to purchase.

For more information please contact me at [email protected]

Lia Tanasa

Graphic Designer specialise in E-Sports / Sports Branding and Logos.

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