Villa in Austria

Villa in austria was an architectural project built in Wien, it has an Austrian style where buildings are mostly villa. The client also love trees and plants very much so I had to visualize such an environment. Also some of the necessary parts of this work was to make a romantic atmosphere, eye catching shaders and interesting camera angles.

This was a project that after a long while I didn’t use any reference for making it. Here I just trust my sense and instinct; combination of two or three colors that were bold. The rest of the process control with this rule – I try to have variation of green color for looking non-repetitive. Shaders have to look realistic to catch the observer’s eye and it was the most important part of visualization. so I just choose semi cloudy weather with shine of sun in some places to create a dramatic atmosphere.

For modeling I used rhinoceros and 3ds max, for rendering i use Vray for max and as always compositing and post production done in photoshop. In beginning I received cad plans from my client and import it to rhino and when modeling were complete I import for rendering in 3ds max, for rendering we use Vray engine. And after getting our renders we composite the final result with photoshop.

Many of people loved it, and also there were critics for making better work of this as always. But once again I understand my famous sentence is correct. (Details are everything), and I have to say thanks to evermotion for support.

When you are starting a visualization of a project, no matter for interior or exterior you just have to try make an artwork not just some renders for a bad tempered client, and people will know you by your works not your clients.

Mohsen Hashemi

Architecture – Designer – 3d Artist
master of archtectur