Virtual Plain Airs

This is a collection of my latest studies done with the facebook group Virtual plain air . The idea of the group is that you travel around the world with google earth or street view and when you find a nice spot you paint it in your style .

I didn’t come up with the idea of the FB group but in order to learn and velop your art style and technique you have to practice and this is a nice way to do it and share it and also to compare it to others that make similar stuff .

I use photoshop for these studies .
First I make a very loose light sketch and then I make raw selections of the big color spots in the picture and of the main outline of things .Then I start adding the medium detail and start thinking on the type of style that sertain things will have and how to translate it in the painting – I use a lot of smudging of color and a lot of distortion of simple shapes and turning them into liquid looking graphic geometrical shapes that I wrap arround my main spaces of interest .

I got more use to a new to me translation of shapes and style but I plan on exploring new ones . I don’t know if people will like the new I stile I plan on exploring after that but I learned you shouldn’t care about that and just try to enjoy the process itself and try to just push an idea.

Cross your fingers I have more time in the future for more

Nevena Nikolcheva

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