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Visual Identity - Lobo Contex

Visual Identity - Lobo Contex

Bruno Henris
April 4, 2018
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Logo and visual identity developed for a Brazilian company, Lobo Contex accounting advisory. Design using circular grids and simple shapes to represent the wolf, the main part of the brand which is the name of the company.
The visual identity system seeks to represent visually all the characteristics that the brand wishes to transmit to its public; passing the message of partner company to assist in accounting advice.

In the naming process of the company, the wolf was chosen; primarily because it is the surname of the family and also by the association of the characteristics of the animal as leadership, intelligence, loyalty, trust and strength. As it would be using the name for company, it left from there to visually represent this animal in a simple and minimalistic way. In the construction of the symbol was used the circular grids to create an icon with more harmony and more defined proportions. The symbol needed to identify the main figure of the concept and at the same time be something that passes credibility and confidence. The typography to fit well with the symbol needed to be strong and with shapes designed to also identify the main concept of the logo. The color palette seeks to identify your audience and combine sensations such as the credibility and confidence of blue and the balance, energy and enthusiasm of the orange. After several drawings and tests was created a symbol and typography that in a minimalist way represented everything the brand wants to convey.

The project that starts from the scribbles and drawings, was gaining forms through the circular grids in the vectorization process using the Adobe Illustrator tool. After defining the graphic symbol, it was used of the forms to create and to modify the main source of the logo; giving it characteristics that combine with the symbol. In the choice of colors the use of the Pantone palette was optimized to be used in both graphic and stationery materials and also in digital use, such as social networks, website, etc. To visually represent the visual identity Adobe Photoshop was used to create the scenes and edit the mockups giving the client the graphical visibility of how their logo would be represented in the identity manual and its applications.

At the end of the process the customer saw his brand being represented and all the features he wanted to convey to his customers gaining form and color. In the branding project of the brand it was very important to create a logo and visual identity that would show, identify the essence and characteristics of the company and its work. From the definition of the logo and its identity system, the process of strategy and brand management was traced, always maintaining the same concept and brand DNA. The project aims to show that a minimalist, simple logo can be very functional and applicable and thus be the design solution for the customer to reach their public.

Regardless of the work methodology and tools used, a good design is rather the best strategy for the brand. The minimalist design seeks to create a timeless logo and something that is functional and applicable according to the needs of the client. The design project seeks to give forms, colors and thus represent the essence of the brand and everything it wants to convey to its audience.

Bruno Henris

Bruno Henris, a Brazilian graphic designer who specializes in creating visual identities and branding projects. I work in the creative market for eight years, passing through advertising agencies, web design and visual communication. My creation style is a minimalist and functional design; using shapes and colors to symbolize the essence of each brand; I seek to represent the characteristics of the company in a simple and focused way in its target audience, thus creating a unique experience between company and clients.

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