Visual Identity – Mariana Ferreira

This visual identity was created for personal use. As a designer, I needed a brand to be more professional. I chose something simple and that fits the way I am.
The owl is considered an animal that symbolizes wisdom, observation knowledge, mystery and knowing to see in the dark.

I have always been in love with owls precisely because it is a mysterious animal that is rarely seen. And as I said, I wanted something small, simple as curves and circles and I imagine that I could see the idea of harmony.
I like to use colors in my work. And I imagine that the pink color shows a certain lightness and / or fun. I also chose a 2nd color option (# cc8940) to have your moment more discreet.

I started by making a sketch on the paper and I used Adobe Illustrator to do the vectorization of the image and changing the colors. I’ve been making some changes until I find a typography position that pleases me. Soon after I was ready I set up a mockup to get more presentable in my portfolio.

It was a very good and special experience because having your own brand show more professionalism, and people can have a positive idea about my work. I showed the work to some friends and everyone gave me positive answers and they already imagined that my brand would be something related to owls (because I have a tattoo: P).I hope I can repeat that moment soon.

behance: /marianaferreirax

Mariana Ferreira

Hey! I’m Mariana, but you can call me Mari/Mary. I’m 25 years old and I’m graphic design student. I love VISUAL IDENTITY and EDITORIAL <3 also, I like books, music and cinema. šŸ™‚
I work as freelancer too. You can send me a email and we will talk about it šŸ˜‰
~ [email protected] / [email protected] ~