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Visualization of Vacheron Constantin

Visualization of Vacheron Constantin

Hanna Matchan
March 4, 2017
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Visualization of Vacheron Constantin. These images were made from the photo reference in my spare time. It is not my project. The purpose was to create photorealistic images for my portfolio. I am an architect, but sometimes we have to train our skills in 3d modeling and visualization. In my opinion it is one of the best ways to get some practice in 3d visualization for sense of light, material and composition.

I have been inspired with the project of Bernard Tschumi Architects. From my personal point of view it is one of the best architectural projects which can suit for this task.
The Vacheron Constantin Headquarters and Manufacturing Center, designed and built in 2001-2005, is situated on the outskirts of Geneva. It serves as the manufacturing and administrative headquarters of Switzerland’s oldest watchmaking company. The concept of this project is based on the idea of a thin, flexible envelope. The exterior surface is formed from a metallic sheet that unrolls over the structure’s geometry, lifting to create a larger multistory portion of the building. The continuity of the monolithic metal cladding lends the building a visual and functional coherence. A key feature of the extension is a spectacular glazed stepped ramp. It provides an articulation between two separate parts of the buildings.

I have used Autodesk 3ds Max for creating 3d model and Corona Renderer 1.5 for making visualization. Corona Renderer allows to receive several images in one time due to its settings in the Light mix. It helps me to choose the way of lighting in the scene, I have tried to pick up the same way used on photo-reference. The HDR map has been used for achieving evening sun light.
Besides this an abundance of materials allows to practice skills in setting up the textures. As for my opinion one of the main features of this building is its glass. Particular attention was paid to the creation of this material with drops of water which was used in the construction of the underground entrance. Another thing was perforated metal, made through the use of opacity maps into textures.
The lawn looks like having been just trimmed because of noticeable strips of lawn mowers. The grass has been created in Corona Scatter. For creating the lawn density and scale maps were used.

I do hope people will appreciate my work. It was just a new step to approach the quality of making renders in the exterior field. I have to add, it was a pleasure to receive such feedbacks from professional artists. This work could help me to seek for new customers and become acquainted with some interesting people inspiring me to move forward.

My name is Hanna Matchan. I am an architect and CG artist. Feel free to contact me anytime, if you have any questions.
[email protected].
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Hanna Matchan

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