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VIZIO 2026 by Daniel Kim

VIZIO 2026 by Daniel Kim

Honey Adraque
April 8, 2016
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Vizio is an American consumer electronics company based in Irvine that was founded in 2002. This project, Vizio 2026 is the rebranding project that introduces new strategy and brand identity aiming for 2026. Read on and enjoy!

Today a lot of electronic devices disconnect the users from the physical world. Through the various brand analyses, I concluded that Vizio should be a company that blurred the line between the physical and digital world through humanized technologies.

- Daniel Kim




The young company has landed itself as a new competitor in the consumer electronics market, however struggles to retain a strong brand identity. At the current moment, their display systems and speakers are the two main product lines that are keeping Vizio afloat. In order to become a greater competitive edge in the market, a new strategy that will solidify their identity and expand their reach in the consumer electronics industry is proposed.

- Daniel Kim




I started off with huge amount of secondary research including STEEP trend research, SWOT analysis, setting up consumer archetypes. Then I move onto the primary research where I started to interview different users and took a survey. Through that I jumped into the ideation process to generate the idea and develop them towards the final design.

- Daniel Kim



I used Solidwork for 3d modeling, Keyshot for renderings, and photoshop and illustrator for layouts and graphic treatments. For Sense speaker, I was inspired by the soft touch, and wanted to emphasis experiencing different feelings on the tip of your hand. For Ocular, I was inspired by an image of beautiful everyday products. And for Cushy, I wanted to have soft and friendly feeling and wanted to get rid of techie feelings from the device.

- Daniel Kim



For this project, I was not specifically solving the problem with the existing product. There was no critical problems or functional problem, with the products, but identifying the overall problems with the brand was not an easy job. The biggest challenge for this project was merging, shrinking and implementing the brand strategy to a single product.

- Daniel Kim



About Daniel Kim

Daniel Kim is an industrial designer, currently in the graduation term in Art Center College of Design. Born and raised in South Korea and studied Automotive design in Coventry University in UK. Daniel flew over to Southern California in the Spring of 2012 and studied industrial design. Daniel gained professional experiences from companies like Teague, Moreless and Hewlett Packard. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or website.

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