Voce Nectar

The voce Nectar is a thoughtfully designed vending machine with a touch screen display on the front where to interact to choose your beverage or reads news. Every element are designed with utmost attention to detail to provide a delightful user experience.

Most of the people usually rush during the day and they don`t takes a short brake where it is possible to socialise and take out the stress.
This product wants to give a new experience with a vending machines not only to have a wonderful graphic who show the beverage characteristics but also an hub where reads news and start conversions.

The primary software used for the 3D visualization is Rhinoceros. Keyshot Pro is used as the rendering software to show materials finishing . The concept went through multiple interactions and user testing before arriving at the final solution in order to achieve the easiest and fastest use experience.

People appreciate to use easy and interactive products because the have a tangible experience and control. Through this project, I noticed the importance of optimizing the design, where put light to focus the attentions on the payment and the delivery area.

This project is designed and conceptualized for Necta

federico fenoglio