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Voffstryn - Corporate Branding

Voffstryn - Corporate Branding

Bolarinwa Amoye
July 22, 2018

Voffstryn Corporation is a consulting company that specializes in engineering and technical subject matters. Inspired by the Stryn mountains of Norway, the brand was designed to create confidence and trust among customers looking for engineering services. They strive to provide problem solving expertise and quality customer services to their customers.

The idea behind the logo design was inspired by the Stryn mountains of Norway, known for its glaciers, waterfalls and lakes. The strength of the mountains and beauty of the scenery allows observers a peak into nature's perfection. Hence the company's slogan, "Paragon Setting The Standard". The selected colours vivid yellow and dark blue were chosen to create a fresh, bold and confident appearance.

I started out with sketching out multiple versions of the logo and then transferring the sketches into Adobe Illustrator using a pen tool to trace an outline of the sketches. A series of mock-ups were then created using Adobe Photoshop.

The client was certainly happy with the look and feel of brand. It was definitely a great experience to help bring a Client's vision to life. I think it's always important to try and meet the criteria of what a brand must do. It must reveal the company's identity, distinguish them from the competition, invite customers to get to know them and facilitate loyalty. The logo should be able to be placed anywhere and on anything for branding or marketing purposes.

Bolarinwa Amoye

Bolarinwa Amoye is a creative, highly driven Industrial & Graphic Designer, who loves everything that has to do with strategy, print, and branding design. He enjoys working with people, who are like-minded and possess the passion for design.

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