Volkswagen Luna by Danilo Makio Saito

The project was developed during an internship of Danilo Makio Saito at Volkswagen in Brazil. The goal of Volkswagen was to provide the opportunity to interns to experiment the whole process of developing a car by developing a new concept car with ideas and shapes that people had never seen before. Read on and enjoy!

The inspiration came when I started to research about drones and the many applications in which they can be applied in the future. There are many opportunities in this market, that’s why companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google are investing a lot in this technology. So my idea was to propose to Volkswagen to invest in this technology that will be the future of means of cargo transportation and many other applications. That’s how I came up with the idea of integrating a car with a drone.

– Danilo Makio Saito




The process started by defining a problem and a scenario in which I would design a solution. After that I started to do a lot of sketches exploring many different ideas, trying always to design something really different from nowadays cars. After selecting the best ideas with the design team, I started to develop a 3D model to better understand the shape and measures, so we could start to develop a clay model. I had almost 8 weeks to build the physical model, with the assistance of a lot of modelers and people from different areas. Finally, by the end of the year, we presented the whole project to the president, vice-president and a lot of other people of Volkswagen in Brazil.

– Danilo Makio Saito




First of all, research and data is the first tool that we use to came up with our ideas. After that, sketch in pen and paper, photoshop, 3D modeling programs (Alias, 3D Max and KeyShot for rendering), milling machine and clay.

– Danilo Makio Saito




It was really challenging in the beginning to design something really different that people had never seen before, to think completely out of the box. We made many changes during the process, so to finish everything in the tight deadline was really difficult. I learned a lot during the whole process with the designers from Volkswagen, in which they always made us give our best.

– Danilo Makio Saito




About Danilo Makio Saito

Danilo is a 23 year old design student at University of Sao Paulo. He is currently working as a Designer at Questto|Nó, a design and innovation studio based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is passionate about design and the positive impacts from the society. Also, he is interested in product design, but he is always working on to be a multidisciplinary designer, working in all instances of a project – from planning, strategy and research to brainstorming, creation and development, whether a product, service or graphic. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or website.