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VR-TOUCH kit / National Geographic

VR-TOUCH kit / National Geographic

Junbyung Choi
December 16, 2016
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VR-TOUCH was inspired by the brand 'National Geographic'. I used to be curious as I watched the National Geographic channel in my childhood. But the door of satisfy was too small to me. So I designed to go out of the frame and figure out what to do about the children's adventure and curiosity.

I thought that it was not possible to satisfy children's curiosity through only one VR. Through various kits, I wanted to make sure that kids can feel the as a real microscope, the telescope and the astronomical telescope for real. It can offer more stunning experience to children not just only visually experience.

And also I applied the NFC technology to experience the contents and then collect the chip and make it memorable.

NX UG 8.5 (modeling) / Keyshot 5 (Rendering) / Photoshop.
First, I found ordinary VR devices. and find some problems for kids. Then brain-storming that how i can make it more helpful to kids. Many idea appeared from diverse fields. So I tried to develop in my work.

In usability, It has little bit of problem, but It will adjust as soon as possible. But many other designer told me that Its C.M.F and form is nice and clean. I think my design goal has highly successful. If you have some respond to me, you could send me a message any time.

Junbyung Choi

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