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Waiting Chair

Waiting Chair

Prishni Prasad
April 18, 2017
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A single seating, comfortable waiting chair designed for 'Sargaalaya Art and Craft Village',Kerala India.
Simple and elegant style is used to suit the natural environment of the village. Sustainability was given top priority in the design without compromising on functionality.

Cane was chosen as the material as it is durable, sustainable and complemented the color scheme of 'Sargaalaya Art and Craft Village'. Cane is also light weight and it bends into elegant curves.This property is used in the design. Small cushioning is provided to add comfort.

Advantages and limitations of cane as a material was studied with the help of artisans specialized in cane furniture.
A large number of rough concepts were created before finalizing the design. After choosing the final concept, CAD model was made in Solidworks and rendered in Keyshot.
Prototyping was done with the help of artisans from West Bengal, whose skill and expertise were exceptional. I got to learn a lot about joinery and preservation techniques used in cane furniture.

This project offered a wide possibility for understanding furniture Design. Working on this project, I learned to create a fusion of craft and simplicity without drifting away from the functionality of the furniture. It also gave me new insights on the possibilities and importance of sustainable design.

Prishni Prasad

Product Designer

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