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Waiting to Fade by Mehran Neghshbandi

Waiting to Fade by Mehran Neghshbandi

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August 10, 2015

I love to study the forms of plants and flowers in different lighting structure, and in a minimal style, so I started to do that with underexposed shots of nature and with low saturated colors. The inspiration behind this project is more of a personal one, it's about the connection I make with nature or the way I feel it.
-Mehran Neghshbandi


Waiting to Fade

Mehran Neghshbandi

I'm not much into landscape photography, or pretty much the way people use to see it, I don't need a great waterfall or something breathtaking to make me wonder about nature. I see it in every little part of nature, every leaves or flowers or tree, and I wanted to show them the way I see them.
-Mehran Neghshbandi

Mehran Neghshbandi





As for my inspiration, it's nature. I also love Jurgen Heckel photos so I think that played a big role in this project. As for the advice, I don't think I'm in a place to give one as I am too, is still learning. :) I used a Nikon D90 with a 18-105mm lens to shoot this project.
-Mehran Neghshbandi

About Mehran Neghshbandi

Mehran Neghshbandi is a freelance photographer from Sanandaj, Kurdistan of Iran. He's an industrial design student and currently live in the north of Iran. See more of his work at Behance.

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