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Walk Safe in Winter by Julia Frances

Walk Safe in Winter by Julia Frances

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July 9, 2015

The 'Walk Safe In Winter' campaign by Julia Frances was an advertising campaign aiming to highlight and inform people of the specific dangers of hillwalking/trailwalking during the winter months. The target audience was not only people interested in the outdoors and walking but the general public as well. Her campaign aims to educate people about the possible danger of hiking during winter and minimize accidents.

I wanted the message in each poster to be clear without intimidating or putting people off. I knew the mountains should look cold but not too treacherous and I chose a colour palette to represent winter. I was eager to make sure the mountains looked inviting within each poster, regardless of the season, having little subtle pathways that lead over the hills in each – a nod to the adventure awaiting the walker after they have prepared for the journey.
-Julia Frances



Firstly, I did a lot of research. I looked into reports by both the Scottish and English Mountain Rescue to find out what the most common causes of accidents were in the past few years. As expected, it was quite often a lack of preparation before setting off that contributed to accidents and emergencies. With this in mind, I decided to depict the mountains but also make a big typographic feature of the message in each poster in an attempt to grab attention without an overload of information.
-Julia Frances


I'm a fan of simple and direct design so I was inspired by simple shapes and different vector designs. I wanted to deconstruct the mountains and make them look as simple as possible – the key to these posters was the message so I didn't want to compete with an overly detailed landscape. My advice is to try and master the rules of Graphic Design/Typography – once you know them, you can work on ways to break them!
-Julia Frances

About Julia Frances

Julia Frances is a 27-year-old designer based in Glasgow currently in her 3rd year studying BA Graphic Design at Glasgow Clyde College. She enjoys all aspects of design but has a particular passion for vector art and currently teaching herself 2D Animation. See more of her work at Behance.

2 comments on “Walk Safe in Winter by Julia Frances”

  1. As someone who's planning to do long travels over amazing places like mountains, I could only say that I could use something like this. And then there is only one thing left for me to say:
    Prepare yourselfs, winter is coming!

  2. Really like the simplicity of these posters. Great ad campaign too, these could help a lot of people.

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