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WalkOn - Free Font by Hanson Chan

WalkOn - Free Font by Hanson Chan

Honey Adraque
November 2, 2015

“Walk-On” was originally created as a corporate typeface for the Fashion brand Wang & Lynch. It takes its inspiration from the eras of Art Deco and Art Nouveau but with a radically contemporary approach. This retro font boasts simple shapes and reduced ornamental structures, yet still yielding an overall art deco -influenced look and feel. Ideal for headlines, Walk-On can also be utilized for editorial copy due to a vast array of alternate letterforms, numerals, and initials, giving the user multiple options for flexible and exciting text design. Read on and enjoy!

As i am a huge Liverpool FC fan I would love to find a way to relate my work to Liverpool FC. In the Liverpool’s Anthem there’s a line in the lyric say “Walk on~With hope in your heart~And you’ll never walk alone”, therefore i took out the word - "WalkOn" as the name of the font, dedicated the typeface to my beloved football club. I used illustrate and FontLab for this project. And I made tons of revisions I cannot remember. Less than 10, I suppose.

- Hanson Chan







About Hanson Chan

Hanson Chan is an imaginative creative specialising in visual communication. He has the pleasure of working with talented creatives who each share the compulsion to speak in the wonderful, fierce vocabulary of visual media. He’s dedicated to direction, design, interactive, and representation services to bring all manner of projects to life. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or website.

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  1. WalkOn is listed in a number of several places --- including this site --- as a "free font". But nowhere is there a link to download it, free or not. Can you help ?


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