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Warming Up!

Warming Up!

Omar Moghrabi
April 19, 2018

After A long off Drawing, i did this as a warming up! I have been sick for a long period of time and because of my health status I cut off from drawing and to practice drawing again must start with something fun and strange at the same time gives the painter the need to complete it passionately
so the tittle is related with my real situation :p
i hope you like it.

I was thinking of something reversed to my situation so i think "Rage" is good choice
The Colors is about getting warmed or raged any thing goes about the internal power
the character is a normal man with a huge powers, sleeps within.

- Adobe Photoshop CS6
- The beginning was with the stage of the fast lines "Sketches" and then moved to the stage of the clear line "inking" and then began to select the color schemes suitable for the situation in which the character in the scene and that will give the most appropriate expression of the state of anger or frenzy then I enter the materials on the elements and adjust the values Lighting and finally uses the visual effects as the last touch.

Positive responses ++
the contrast between the nature of the used colors, gives this art work a charm and sharp look
the Eyes generally give the image a color contrast and power to express the "Rage" state
The Blue Color of the Horns is the key element of the picture, all the viewers focuses at the horns, so yes it's key element.

cheers and keep crafting a new and unique ideas ^__^

Omar Moghrabi

A Game Designer and Artist with a lot of passion to create something new

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