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July 13, 2015
1 Comment is a streaming site which also gives you the chance to earn money with your uploaded videos. It was Valentin Muller's 2nd project he did for a client, they basically wanted him to do something eye-catching and clean. The rest was all on him, they trusted his decision such as for the interface and the experience for the users. The main challenge here was to have the skills to design always thinking as a person who wants to see a video in the fastest and cleanest way, in other words, as an exigent stream consumer. After lots of revisions he was I was satisfied with the end result.

Well, my trick to know what the clients like/need is to ask what they DON'T like/need. Once I know what they don't want and need at all, I can shorten the list of things that I may use or do when designing. For this specific design, the client showed me a few examples of designs that weren't of their taste and then some designs that they liked. After having the idea of the client's needs I draw a rough idea which I just molded on my Photoshop canvas, and from there I started to play with colors and then I built what I had in the sketch + some ideas that were in the bottom of my mind. After almost a whole day, I had the frontage created which was pretty nice even after the revisions. Once I have a homepage designed, the rest is easier, I think that's a universal thing that designers may feel.
-Valentin Muller



It's always hard for me to have inspiration and it's also hard to explain what's behind the inspiration of each project. What I can say I did for this project is to stay out of the computer when I started to create the design in my mind. For this project (and all the projects), before I try to create the first sketches, I pay A LOT of attention to the websites that the client provided, I memorize all kind of graphics and colors that the client doesn't want to see, that reduce (a lot) the amount of stuff to not to do.
-Valentin Muller

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What I can say to other aspiring artists are make sure to read- broaden your knowledge, be dedicated - nothing will happen if you're not focused in your objectives and do something to accomplish them, do it because you like it and not because you have to, lastly, get in touch with other artists.
-Valentin Muller

About Valentin Muller

Valentin Muller is a 25-year-old UI/UX designer from Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has 10 years of experience in the field and started to design as a hobby. Eventually, this hobby fueled his passion and so he turned it into his career. Nowadays, he's working as a freelance designer. See more of his work at Behance.

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  1. I like logo the most. Folded paper like design looks good in a logo. As far as the website design is concerned, it’s neat and clean, it is how it should be, Not like most of the sites, Putting too much content on one page,which eventually distracts users.

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