Water hyacinth Sizing Tool

The tool was an outcome of an exploratory project on water hyacinth at IIT Guwahati . Water hyacinth is a free floating aquatic weed, found in tropical regions, identified by its thick elliptical leaves & beautiful violet flower.The craft products made from water hyacinth requires cutting of it into strips of equal sizes. The tool allows the user to slice the water hyacinth into strips of equal sizes which otherwise is time consuming process. Having equal sizes of the strip makes the products look better.

The tool evolved through learning the craft, finding the scope of intervention & ideating possible solutions. Further the ideas were made into prototypes and were tested to get feedback . Further the product developed through working on the feedbacks. The ideas generated were developed on solidworks and was 3D printed to create the final product.

The tool is made of wood and PLA. The lathe was used for the turning process which gave the tool the smooth cylindrical shape.
The plastic part was developed on Solidworks keeping the manufacturing process in mind. The 3D model was 3D printed & fixed to other part for further testing of the product.

The made product was taken to the Craftsmen for the review. The craftsmen liked the product for the ease of use and comfortable hold. The flexibility of sizes possible with the tool was appreciated. Further the expansion of the use of the tool in sizing bamboo strips were suggested.

suraj Pai

I am a product designer | Based in Kochi, India | Masters in Design in Department of Design, IIT Guwahati | Love to spend leisure time in – photography, waste sculpture, drawing, painting, traveling |