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Watercolor dreams

Watercolor dreams

Alejandra de la Cruz
July 5, 2019
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These are some of my watercolor artworks depicting different situations of happiness in different contexts. I feel like they are like a dream because fantasy is involved in the theme but also there could be some fantasy in a real life situation, where everything is going so well that sometimes we wonder if it can even get much better.

Ideas come in different ways, but some of the times they come when I'm surfing on pinterest and look on photographs that reunite things that I like, then I start to mix them over until I get a whole idea involving different aspects that I feel interesting. But sometimes I would only paint just one picture by the way it is, but I give it my own touch and style.

I didn't use any software because this is a traditional artwork, but I did get assitance from a diversity of materials involved in my thought and creative process. Firstly I start to sketch my ideas on my sketchbook and look for references on the internet to create a moodboard about what I'm going to do. This moodboard includes anything that can help me produce my illustration, from a color palette, lightning, anatomy or even other illustrations that I love to get in the creative mood, it always gets me inspired to see what others do and share on social media.

Then, after I choose the sketch that reflects better my idea, I start to refine details so the design looks just the way I wanted. Next I take my watercolor paper and start to copy the drawing, I wish I had a light box, but actually most of the time when I redraw my own design it evens gets better, so I keep it this way.

Now, the coloring is involved, and I start to pick my watercolors to create soft layers of color in the whole illustration, this way I establish the mood of the painting. So I just keep layering the painting little by little until every details gets covered.

Finally I take my watercolor pencils and redraw some deatils over the painting just to refine it even more.

And that's it! the painting is finished.

I think people feel that happiness that I reflect on my paintings because that's the way I feel when I do them, or that's at least the thing I would like them to feel when the look at them. I always learn something with my projects, sometimes good things that make me improve my artwork, but sometimes I feel stuck in ideas and when I realized that I force myself to get out of my comfort zone to grow as an artist.

Hope you liked my artworks, and if that's the case you can follow me on social networks, just look at me as janeladra.
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Thank you for reading.

Alejandra de la Cruz

Alejandra de la Cruz is a digital and traditional artist born in Mexico with a huge passion on watercolors and animals. Most of her experience is comes from working on concept art for mobile games and freelance illustration.

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