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Gerardo Arias
June 4, 2016
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These are pictures of waves taken in a small island in the south of Mexico called Holbox during a photo trip. The island is a part of the Mexican Caribbean so the water is vivid blue and it is well known for its spectacular sunsets. Usually, creating a soft and calm mood which contrasted with the strong lines of the waves creates a beautiful and peaceful contrast.

I have always felt passionate about waves so I decided to freeze them to take away the ephemerality in them and people can look them for as long as they want. Also, I've always felt attracted to the colours of the sunset and how they reflect in the water lifting all the textures, lights and shadows. So, the combination of both things are what made me be there when the moment happened.

I made this trip with a friend of mine just to take pictures. The place is amazing and we knew we could have great photos so we went there at sunset. The color of the sky was a pale purple and reflected over the blue Caribbean sea. I stood over a little rock pier and walked "into" the sea until the place where waves were breaking.

Then I just had to shoot and shoot and shoot. It wasn't easy because there was very little light and I needed good speed to freeze them. After that i just made basic adjustments in Lightroom and that was pretty much it.

People liked very much the project I guess because you don't always get the chance to pause them and analyse their beautiful lines, form, body, strength etc. I'm glad I could make them travel to that special moment and enjoy it for as long as they want.

Gerardo Arias

Creative, designer, art director, photographer and surfer.

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