Waves of Beach Fashion

Waves of Beach Fashion – These are some illustrations I created during october-november 2016 that devoted to theme of sunny relaxation on seaside or oceanside resort. It gives some good feeling in fall time. I like to draw something telated to fashion and to beautiful woman. Also I like to see (and to show) the world from its very best side.

I simply like this topic. That was mostly what indeed just floated to me through my subconscious. I don’t really do something that much consciously to explain how things happen. In this case I tried to stick to brighter colors, but at the same time I tried to hold them into balance.

i used Adobe Illustrator and my imagintion. I try to make elemnts in ilustration to look as they intervowen into one quantum tissue. True that I do a lot of things and then I try to do best what happens to me during this process and then to keep it all going on.

People respond nicely. I got a lot of appreciation. And in general I learned I can do things like this. That was nice to know something new like that. I always try to learn something from my own experience and from beautiful things I see anywhere.

Sasha Lend

I am an artist with variety of graphic skills