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We Are One | Earth Day Celebration

We Are One | Earth Day Celebration

Maria Loor
April 22, 2021
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This project was produced for the 3rd issue of Wandermag for Earth Day Celebration where I was invited to participate along with other 29 women from all ages from seven countries,

The illustration had to celebrate and say thank you to Mother Earth. The illustration I created represents that we are one and we are all connected.

I wanted to represent the circle of life, the concept that we are ONE and all connected to each other, from land, to oceans to the sky, as humans, animals and nature.

I always start with pencil and paper and make several sketches, smaller and then larger ones. After that I take a picture with the phone and transfer it to the ipad. This time I decided to work on Adobe Fresco, where I sketched the drawing again and made a cleaner line drawing. I started adding the color in layers, like the fishes, birds, leaves so I can play and have freedom to move things around, rotate or flip.

People have had a great positive reaction to the project. I feel the illustrations has a positive and hopeful vibe.

Maria Loor

Maria Loor is an LA based, ecuadorian multidisciplinary Creative Director, graphic designer,
illustrator and visual artist.
Her career spans from art to design and education. She started in advertising at JWT- Norlop Ecuador,
graduated from RISD with honors, worked in New York with Roger van den Bergh ( today onomadesign),
founded her creative boutique marialoordg and lead the Graphic Design department at Universidad
Casa Grande in Ecuador. She traveled extensively and lived in Buenos Aires and London where
she had the opportunity to exhibit her paintings.
Today she runs her creative studio from her home in Los Angeles or wherever her love, clients and projects take her.
Her latest creative adventure is co-founding QuindeLove , a creative space to give back.
When she is not designing, drawing or painting .....
she is cooking or working in her garden in LA …

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