We are Vita

“Vita Jeans” is a brand of men’s clothing from Rosario, Argentina. A young brand, distended and with a lot of attitude. Connected strongly with the roots of our land, it seeks to transmit a positive energy in communication with its customers. Putting the heart to what they do.

The key concept to communicate was “life”. After hard research into visual metaphors that could quickly communicate this idea, I came to synthesize a shield where the initial of the word “vita” (“life” in Italian) is combined with the graphic representation of a heartbeat. The visual language that accompanies the brand is strongly linked with nature: wood textures and illustrations with rustic terminations that strengthen the natural concept that is intended to shape the brand.

The creative process began as always with paper and pencil. Once closed the main idea (the most important element) I used Adobe Illustrator to vectorize the brand variations and illustrations, and I used Adobe Photoshop to make the rest of the visual language.

The project was very well received by the client as well as by the general public. In a football-related city, the emblem functions as an identifier that simulates a soccer club’s shield, which generates a strong sentimental bond with consumers.

Leonel Montes

Graphic designer from Rosario, Argentina