Wearable Watch Design

Polygon II
In a sensuous font. Sensuous digital watch
The shape of a polygon made in base Sensuous digital watch Unique and tried to make a clock that has been configured in a sensuous font.


Classic Watch
It is a watch that touches the hand of craftsman. Premium metal materials Meeting with details


The most important thing in a wearable watch is that it is important to design the watch itself as an actual accessory as offline rather than the advantage of the functional aspects of online (digital) such as weather and text notifications. Therefore, some designs emphasize the detail and luxurious aspects such as the value of the luxury watches, or emphasize the design to the unique design of a young sensibility. To design the watch that you would want to wear and own, I emphasized the feeling.

When designing, we set up a rough orientation through initial research. We did some basic sketches through the Adobe Illustrator program. Later on, Adobe Photoshop emphasizes culling and detail and creates a realistic look. When an interaction is required, it is also implemented as a sequence image through flash. After that, the individual images were extracted and the development team worked on them in order.

The project is being offered by the Google Store and Samsung Store through an app called Watch Master. Users of diverse nationalities have also received star ratings and many downloads. Sometimes it is introduced to overseas sites with a poignant design. Because it is a very lightweight project and app, you can get very close feedback to users, So the feedback you get will help you to refer to the next design. Every feedback we design is very helpful.

I am a UX / BX designer.
I am designing in Korea, and some of my projects
We are participating as a chance opportunity, and we are designing periodically apart from company work.
It seems important to do something periodically.
And I like the opportunity to introduce and share projects like Desingnideas.
Even if you do not meet, I think you can get many projects with many people.

Thank you.

Seung-hyun Kang

UX / BX Designer / 디자인연구가