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Website Illustrations

Mark Finn
March 5, 2018
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A brief look into the first week or designing illustrations for a website, putting them into sections on the website to see how it will work if there is files and pictures over them. This project was for GNARVANA website and shows the style of the website the gnarvana crew are looking for.

Well the owner of the website Gnarvana got on to me about doing some illustrations on his photos he had taken , then it turned into illustration the logo and all the pages of the website
we did some hand rendered sketches first before just using the graphic pad to make all the designs digital.
Using the graphic pad made things a lot easier between shaping colouring and adjusting lines.

The tools were
graphic pad , pencils , fine liner and then moved on to using adobe illustrator and adobe photoshop.
the start of the project was quite slow to start not really knowing which style of my characters would fit and which would look a bit tacky, so we started looking back at my old designs and redrawing them to get the ball rolling and that just lead into us putting together a big amount of work in quite a short amount of time.
This project is still a current running thing at the moment so i can't describe the end just yet.

People responded really well to the hole idea of the project, got great responses off the individual illustrations too.
But it was defiantly difficult to get more people to see the behance post of the overall idea of the project
as i don't have a great reach on my behance.
Hopefully more people will catch it this way and let me know what they think

mark Finn

Hi i'm Mark Finn
i am a illustrator - mural painter
and doodler based in ireland .

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