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We’re all Workers

We’re all Workers

Kemka Ajoku
January 24, 2019
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“We’re all Workers” is a photojournalism project that focuses on the business owners and labourers in Edmonton, North London.

Living in Edmonton all my life, I’ve come across many of these workers growing up on a day to day basis, and was pleased to capture their portraits doing what they do best.

I decided to create a film look for this project as a way of paying homage to the traditional working lifestyle of the people of Edmonton, this was achieved by a Hoya star filter i placed in front of my lens, which created a softer look to the colour of the image, and reduced it’s sharpness. Everything else was done digital on Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom: began by cropping and getting the composition of each shot right. Then applied a film like preset name Kodak Portra 400 over the images, before applying small tweaks to each image to make it just right. As I was going for a film look I tried to minimise the amount of editing i did on the image, in order to capture the rawness of a film shot.

Yes, traditionally, I do editorial and fashion photography, shooting portraits of models. But for this project I decided to capture everyday working people, both candid shots of them doing their job and ones with them focused on the camera. This created a lot of buzz amongst my instagram followers, leaving many advising me to pursue more photojournalism projects, which I will now start to consider

Kemka Ajoku

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