Wheelo by Justin Bechard

Wheelo is a brand developed for a startup, promoting social carpooling. It also helps the users to build new network and find new friends. A witty name combining “Wheel” for carpooling and “Hello” for social interaction, thus the brand Wheelo was born.

Wheelo is a branding developed for a startup which was propelled during Startup Weekend Québec 2014. They are promoting social carpooling in Quebec city.

– Justin Bechard


They offer a brand new platform where you can find people with whom you can travel to your favorite destinations on a daily basis, for example: your workplace, your home, school or kindergarten where you can drop your kids. They have an application that includes an intelligent transaction system which calculates the fees associated with fuel cost with a bonus for the driver, which is then divided by the number of passenger.

– Justin Bechard



The branding focuses on a human approach and puts the emphasis on social interaction between the users. Basically, Wheelo wants to help you find new friends and build a network with trustworthy people around you. The name says it all, it is a mix of Wheel and hello.

– Justin Bechard



Throughout the signature, you may notice the two Es have been cut on the edge and had a circle added on the top that create the shape of two people sat on a car seat; the one on the left, the passenger, and the one on the right, the driver with and empty circle serving as a head and a steering wheel at the same time. The O has been dropped down to represent the front wheels of a car.

– Justin Bechard


We then obtain a very complete and communicative branding with bold, refreshing and friendly colors. A set of promotional items have also been developed in the purpose of financing the project, people would get them as a gift for volunteer funding.

– Justin Bechard


Justin Bechard, passionate and meticulous. He likes to take the time to understand his clients’ needs and preferences in order to deliver the best products available. His work has been repeatedly emphasized by professional organizations in the advertising industry and design such as Applied Arts, How Design, Awwwards, Core77, CSS Design Awards and Behance plus numerous mentions on platforms inspiration. After countless hours of research, studies and agency experience, he can certify that a project in his hands always meet expectations and beyond the standards.

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